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Ever partied in a room full of garbage?
PULP: paper art party 2015 is a fundraiser designed to examine the current lifecycle of waste materials and investigate alternative uses. Following last year’s tremendously successful party, PULP promises to reach new heights.
wandering creatures, with a dancer Rebecca A. Bobrovskis - video still, work in progress 2014-2015)
PULP: paper art party 2015 is an evening combining installation art, live music, dancing, and conversation, as well as, video art and poetry.  This year’s event will be held on May 23rd, at Jam Factory Co. located in South Riverdale (2 Matilda St, Toronto, ON M4M 1L9).  The state of our environment is an incredibly important topic, but PULP isn’t about lectures or presentations – we want to get people dancing, talking, playing, and creating. Inside a unique two-story space, artists will introduce guests to sustainable design through reclaimed material installations in an engaging social setting.
This year’s music line-up features The Boxcar Boys, A Little Rambunctious, and, closing out the night, Toronto’s own master of Electro Swing: DJ Medicineman.
My work will be a performance and installation piece made of paper titled night wanderer and paper creatures.  All of which will be created spontaneously the day of the event based on the space and materials provided, and through improvisation in tune with the audience, the sound/noise, and music during the night's performance.   This is especially a project that I'm really proud to be a part of for few specific reasons. One being that it is the perfect situation and materials that I actually use in my everyday studio routine.  And second, and very exciting for me, is that I get to make my project come alive with two very talented dancers, and collaborators, Colleen Snell and Rebecca A. Bobrovskis.  We are excited, for the very first time together, to present to you night wanderer and paper creatures that will be created that day for You!  A paper playground where two paper creatures engage in a call-and-response dance conversation, intermingled with the audience.
Estimated time of the performance is from 10pm to 12am that will take place on and off in different locations within the venue.
We look forward to seeing you! 
You can find all the information about the PULP Party and how to purchase your tickets now in the links below!  Please note that this is a 19+ event. For more information and updates on this year’s event, check us out at:
Twitter – @pulpartparty
Instagram –
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alien sightings, solo exhibition 
@ La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa
Opening:  FRIDAY, JUNE 5: 7 - 9pm

Thursday, October 16, 2014


NEW: Nuvango - check it out when you have a moment.
Nice (and affordable) gift ideas, artwork by me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Saturday Oct 4 

Hugs'not'Drugs  popup Rave presents : 
aleks Bartosik's MAGIC LANTERN  interactive ART performance 
live painting to Dj Takin's set at 10pm 
this is a 1 HOUR performance starting at 10pm

LOCATION: queen/university intersection
on the island south of queen beneath the statue.. However.. In the event that we have to move this year due to other installments we will be close by and announcing any movement via our twitter so follow us for updates! @hugsnotdrugsTO

About Hugs'not'Drugs popup Rave (10pm-5am).  This years theme is House and Techno music. For up to date event location info follow us on Twitter at: @hugsnotdrugsTO

MAGIC LANTERN is a painting performance (involving several 'creatures,' including the artist who will do the painting).  This performance is also interactive; in that the audience is encouraged to try on and wear some of the props/horns provided, and to engage in shadow puppetry as aleks Bartosik paints around them.
MAGIC LANTERN is inspired by shadow puppetry as seen throughout history, performed by other artists, adults, and children alike.  It explores different forms of narrative and story-telling.  To see more of aleks' work visit or her Facebook page: ALeKs BaRtosiK ART

LIVE MUSIC: Some Minor Noise dj's: 
The Frandiscos 
Dj Takin 

Expect - lazers / lights / random weird decor and more 
Bring - your dancing shoes

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interview with Crystal Lee of AWESOME SAUCE TV

Thank you for the great article Crystal Lee of Awesome Sauce!

"The contemporary figurative paintings of Aleks Bartosik aren't something you'd typically see hanging in a dining room.  With wildly intense subjects and colour, her paintings are vivid and disconcerting.  How do you create powerful and memorable work?  Aleks tries not to worry so much about what will or will not sell.  Instead she sticks to her goal as an artist, wich is to create visceral pieces that give viewers an emotionally moving experience." 
__  Crystal Lee

To read full article visit  Awesome Sauce.
Lee, Crystal.  "Art Follows Heart: How to create impactful work."  Awesome Sauce: September 9, 2014.

aleks Bartosik.  in a dream (2014) acrylic, conte and oil on canvas.  5x5'


"We distill the forces behind creativity and design through artist spotlights and interviews. We are purveyors of all things awesome."  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fatima Andrade and aleks Bartosik

September 14 to October 26, 2014
Closing Reception: October 26 12-1pm

Neighbourhood Gallery
(north & south)

Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation
79 Hiawatha Avenue
Toronto Ontario M4L 2X7

 Gallery open:  10am - 3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Curator Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Galerie la Petite Mort in Ottawa présents: 

solo exhibition by aleks Bartosik
old and new work
September 5th - 25th, 2014.

VERNISSAGE: Friday, September 5th, 7-10PM

(pre-sold) Another deer hug (2014), Pencil + Chalk pastel on Paper, 11.5 x 17.5 inches

The Burden March (2013), Pencil + Acrylic on Paper, 12 x 26 inches, $200


306 Cumberland Street

Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 7H9, Canada
T. (613) 860-1555


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photo credit: leah griffin. 2013
I am proposing a course to the Art Gallery of Ontario that combines two disciplines: Painting and Music.  In order to proceed, I need a solid list of Canadian musicians who would be willing to pose for 2 hours for a painting class (portraiture), as well as, share with the students their craft; either sing, rap, or play an instrument for about 20-30 minutes at the beginning of the class.  Duets are also welcome! This will be a paying gig (standard model fee; 20$/hr).  Dates to be determined.  Once the dates are finalized, the chosen musicians will be notified and will need to be present in the city of Toronto to attend the 3-hour class on the assigned date. The course will most likely run in the Fall of 2014 or Spring of 2015.  

Nominate a musician you know or apply yourself!

Send all SUBMISSIONS via email to Aleks Bartosik at no later than April 20th, 2014.

Submissions must include:

(A) musician’s contact information (email, phone, address, website or blog, if applicable)

(B) a short bio (100 words max)

(C) a sample of your work.  Samples can only be links: either to a Youtube, Vimeo, or a Soundcloud link, and should NOT be longer than 10 minutes (please provide one link only!)

(D) one-page CV showing your experience, that includes your full contact information

(E) one-paragraph proposal what you (and your partner if doing a duet) intend to perform for the class (you will be expected to bring your own instruments/music equipment)

Professional musician: having at least 5 years experience in the music field and had performed in front of an audience, nationally (and internationally). Professional musicians include performers, composers, arrangers, conductors, lyricists, etc. A professional musician is someone who has specialized training in the field (not necessarily in academic institutions); is recognized as a professional by his or her peers (professional artists working in the same artistic tradition); is committed to devoting more time to artistic activity, if possible financially; has a history of public presentation in a professional context.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Art Battle Canada is proud to announce the first event in Mississauga! 

AB104 is being presented in partnership with the Living Arts Centre.  Please join us for three rounds of live competitive painting. Art Battle holds monthly events in more than a dozen cities across the country.  It's always an inspiring night of talent, courage and community.

my painting that I created for the 1st round, and won!

TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 12th, twelve professional and emerging painters will compete to become the next Art Battle champion, the winner earning a cash prize and a spot in the Mississauga Championship in June 2014. The winner of the Finals will compete in the 2014 National Championship.

Featured Artists:

Carrie Bloomfield
Anya Mielniczek
Aleks Bartosik
Nicole Minshall
Robert Bentley
Natasha Gouveia
Agnieszka Mrowca
Kumkum Ramchandani
Camille Lauren
Kim Lee Kho
Suzana Radoi Zanettos

Our friends at the Art Gallery of Mississauga will be joining us in sharing this event and rewarding the winner of Art Battle 104 with a free AGM membership! Check out some of the great programming at  

To see videos of Art Battle, please visit:
Facebook Event: Art Battle Mississauga

Art Battle is live competitive painting. Painters create the best work they can in 20 minutes. As they work, patrons move around the easels, closely watching the creative process. The medium is acrylic paint and the tools allowed are brushes, palette knives or any non-mechanical implements. At the end of the round, the audience votes democratically for their favourite painting and bids in silent auction to take the work home. This is Art Battle Canada’s 5th amazing season. 

Art Battle 104
Wednesday, March 12th, 7:00pm
Living Arts Centre
4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga ON
Tickets $20 at the Door

15$ Earlybird
$10 Students/Seniors

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

La Petite Mort Gallery presents:

new works / theatre of cruelty

Show is open from DECEMBER 6, 2013 - JANUARY 2, 2014

Vernissage/Opening Reception:

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6th, 2013. 7-10pm 

* painting performance at 7pm
* dj and drinks

Music provided by co-op students from the Capital DJ Academy who will play a mix of groovy tech house, nu-jazz, and deep house while Aleks Bartosik does her live painting event.

306 Cumberland Ave.Ottawa, ON

* * *

“I cry out in the dream but I know that I am dreaming and over BOTH SIDES OF THE DREAM I make my will prevail.”

- Antonin Artaud, from Theatre and its Double (1938)

* * * 

In her upcoming La Petite Mort Gallery exhibition, Aleks Bartosik presents new works that center on a theme of metamorphosis, capturing figures in the intermediate spaces between the internal self and the manifest extension of the mind and body into visual space. In this series of works, Bartosik offers neither fully animal nor human figures, but rather, hybrid creatures held within a tensed space of the imagined and the real.

In her practice, Bartosik extends drawing elements into the realms painting, sculpture, performance, film/video and installation. Her experimentations with form and figure are grounded by an instinct to dream and thus suspend reality. As such, Bartosik’s works can be seen from a view of life as theatre.

We are all performers – both within and outside of ourselves, in private and in public. It follows that we redeem our physical bodies by allowing our innermost imaginations, fantasies and desires to take shape. And it is only when we become conscious of our immaterial potential that we hold the power manipulate and subvert “accepted” reality and thus create new reality.

From this view, this exhibit centers on a process of metamorphosis or becoming of the self. Subsequently, Bartosik’s works can be read through such themes as repression and manifestation, instinct and knowledge, emotion and gesture, and identity and artifice. If the very notion of the theatre forces us to believe in (or at least temporarily accept) some emotive truth that lies beneath performance, then further, in Bartosik’s ‘theatre of the self’, we must read each, figure, form and symbol as operating from within a kind of emotional intelligence.

Bartosik’s practice can be reflected onto Antonin Artaud’s theory of the ‘Theatre of Cruelty’, which advocates that the role of the spectator must be implicated from within the spectacle on a deeply human, instinctive level. Artaud’s ‘cruelty’ does not point to a literal reading physical violence, but rather to a violence that disrupts order, normalcy, and thus, defeats socially accepted “false reality”. In this view, if we can direct our instinctive drive towards a liberated physical determination, we can defeat false reality and, however paradoxically, begin again in a chaos towards something new. Bartosik works from within this gesture, in the attempt to offer the imaged as the real, and thus, to blur the distinction of life through art in general.

Following Artaud, Bartosik’s works inherently implicate the spectator through the spectacle. The strength of her visual language depends on our willingness to recognize ourselves from within and without. Bartosik’s figures, arrested in a flux of means and ends – at once morphing and evolved, or repressed and manifesting – push towards an idea that we are always more than what we are immediately willing to know. As such, her creative process is motivated by the dualities of inner and outer experiences; the particularities, delicacies, sensitivities, and obsessions held within relationships, between lovers, siblings, strangers, and finally, from within ourselves. 

It is in this complex emotional space that Bartosik’s figures breathe with a kind of fluidity from both within and beyond the work itself. This is her theatre of cruelty. And there is indeed a cruelty within all of us. However paradoxically, it is in this search to shatter and thus exceed “false reality” that there rests a kind of grace. Fantasy, illusion, and theatre are only as real as permit them to be. 

- Written for LPM Gallery by Adam Barbu, 2013
- Exhibition Curated by Guy Berube, LPM

- See more at:La Petite Mort Gallery: Aleks Bartosik
aleks bartosik ART website

desolate paper queen (2013)
performance and installation by aleks bartosik

Monday, October 28, 2013

Santiago, CHILE

image: Coyote (2013), Whitney Lewis-Smith

image: into the light/performance (2013), Aleks Bartosik

a short documentary video of my performance:

November 1 - 30, 2013
Vernissage: November 1st, 8-11pmat the Muestra Colectiva InternacionalSANTIAGO, CHILE

Artistas / Artists


The Post Mortem concept is conventionally associated with a mournful imagery, corresponding to an idea of uncertainty towards a dimension that is still unknown to us. The afterdeath is not necessarily a tragic element once you dissect and understand the origin of the condition. We face a variety of experiential and spiritual possibilities that are achieved once we assume a loss of the physical body and what this loss could unveil.

Post Mortem / YESSR6 reviews the concept of death, questioning its meaning, to redefine it as a portal or as a beginning of a new process, as parallel reality or even as an unappealable end of the sensitive experience. This subject matter will reveal how different cultures look at death and what may come after it, making cross paths with religion, culture and spirituality.

thank you to Ontario Arts Council for making it possible for me to travel to Santiago, Chile.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ON NOW in TORONTO: Guelph-Humber Gallery

As part of the Guelph-Humber Undergraduate Program, students are assigned to work with an independent artist and curate a show featuring their work.  I am one of the artists who has been chosen for the Programme and this is what my group of students came up with (see details below).  If you're in Toronto, I hope you can come out and view the exhibition, it's up until November 5th, 2013.  I think this is a great idea for an assignment and I'm happy to be a part of it!


University of Guelph-Humber Gallery Presents:

Aleks In Wonderland Presents...
It's Not Safe Down the Rabbit Hole

Art Work by Aleks Bartosik

Exhibition runs until November 5th, 2013

open weekdays from 12-5pm, or call the gallery for an appointment.

Guelph-Humber Gallery
207 Humber College Blvd, 1st floor
Toronto, ON M9W 5L7